My Sterling silver Turtle bracelet beams vibrant turquoise colours bringing extra powerful protection to the body and spirit. 
Turquoise stones are among the masters of healing crystals & a great stress reducer. 
Turquoise is cleansing and protective while you sleep. Throat and Heart Chakra opener. Enhance creative vision and predictive powers by wearing this bracelet always.

Care instructions ;

Please minimise contact with toxins such as perfumes, chlorine, house hold cleaning products etc as these will speed up the tarnish process.
If tarnish occurs clean with a Sterling silver cleaning cloth or a dipping solution (For sterling silver only)  your piece(s) will clean up perfectly.

Always store your Sterling silver jewellery with the anti tarnish slip provided.

More slips & cloths can be purchased for £5 from my website.

All my designs are made to order so I do give a 1-2 week delivery window but do please check with me if you need it sooner.
A pick up option is also available.

Turquoise Turtle