Septembers Sapphire rings ☆ Harness the healing properties of Sapphire and give the gift of balance, alignment & joy.

My birthstone rings make the perfect birthday gift for September ladies and a gorgeous treat for anyone who would benefit from the healing properties of Sapphire into their life.

Also available - drop me an email with your birthstone choice ♡♡♡

☆ January garnet

☆ February Amethyst

☆ March Quartz

☆ April Aquamarine

☆ May Emerald

☆ June Alexandrite

☆ July Ruby

☆ August peridot

☆ September Sapphire

☆ October pink tourmaline

☆ November Topaz

☆ December Zircon

Care instructions ;

Please minimise contact with toxins such as perfumes, chlorine, house hold cleaning products etc as these will speed up the tarnish process.

If tarnish occurs clean with a Sterling silver cleaning cloth or a dipping solution (For sterling silver only) your piece(s) will clean up perfectly.

Always store your Sterling silver jewellery with the anti tarnish slip provided.

Birthstone rings