A stone of courage, Aquamarine is loved for its calming energies which are said to reduce stress and quiet the mind. Aswell as being the birthstone for the month of March, Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people. It may invoke tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility.

925 Sterling silver bracelet with noodle, round, plain & fancy beads with beautiful Aquamarine gemstone beads.

925 Sterling silver beaded ring with Aquamarine gemstones.

Aquamarine is the main birthstone for March, Pisces & Aries zodiac signs.

This bracelet is also available in Amethyst, Clear quartz, and Emerald.

Care instructions ;

Please minimise the contact of your 925 Sterling silver jewellery piece(s) with toxins such as perfumes, chlorine, house hold cleaning products etc as these will speed up the tarnish process.

If tarnish occurs clean with a Sterling silver cleaning cloth or a dipping solution (For sterling silver only) your piece(s) will clean up perfectly.

Always store your 925 Sterling silver jewellery with the anti tarnish slip in the anti tarnish bag provided.

More slips & cloths can be purchased from my website https://www.jewellerybyrebecca.com/product-page/cleaning-cloth


My pieces are made to order, please allow 1 - 2 weeks delivery. If you need it sooner drop me a message to discuss.

Thank you x x

The stone of courage