As a stone of power, clear quartz is known for its healing power & properties.

Crystals are much more than just a pretty sparkly decoration and they're not just hippie dippy woo woo stuff either! 🌸

Clear quartz crystals are energy amplifiers. 
Whatever energy you bring, they will amplify whether it's clear, confused, angry and disconnected, or joyful and enlightened. 
If you are feeling negative, you can turn it around by holding the crystal bracelet in your non-dominant hand, take a few deep breaths of awareness and ask the crystal to help you release the negativity with this simple meditation:

'May the highest vibration of love and light connect me with my higher self to assist me now. My intention is to clear all of the negative energy and release everything that is no longer serving me. With the support of this crystal, I hold the intention of light, pure love, and protection. And so it is...'

Created with Sterling silver noodle, round, plain & fancy beads with beautiful Preciosa 4mm Czech, Crystal Lagoon beads.

The stone of power