Frequently asked questions


How long will it take to process my order?

The processing time for orders varies depending on the items in the order.

What is the usual turn around time?

Turn round time depends on the complexity of the project, we usually will have an initial design delivered within 24to 48 business hours.

I need a design created that is not listed under your services. What do I do?

There are many design services that we may not have listed. If you have a custom request feel free to contact us with yor request.

How long will my order take?

We typically ask for two weeks to order, design, print, and ship your garments. However, the process is reliant upon your approval and your guiding ideas, so checking and answering emails regularly and quickly helps us to complete your project and meet your deadlines. Seasonality can also be a factor. We can also usually rush orders, if it is needed.

Can I bring in my own garments?

We will happily print on garments that you bring in, but in most cases it is more affordable for our customers to let us both order and print your garments. Rarely do customers save money by purchasing on their own and many who try end up with poorer quality garments than we offer for the same price or less


How is pricing calculated?

Pricing is based on four components. Type - which garments are ordered. Quantity - the number of garments you order with the same design. Colors - the number of colors in your design. Locations - the amount and locations of printing on the garment.

What factors affect my pricing?

Quantity: Our printing process dictates that if you order a greater quantity of shirts, you’ll save money. It’s simply less expensive for us to set up and print a large number of the same design than it is to set up and print a small number of a single design. Locations: Each printing location on a piece of apparel (i.e. front, back, sleeve, etc.) demands a specific set-up in order to execute. Therefore, multiple printing locations on your apparel will raise the price. Other factors that can affect your overall pricing include: The color of shirts (see 3. How can I lower the cost of my order.) Sizes 2XL and above start at $2.50 more per garment Adding individual player names and numbers will increase the cost of your shirts as well.

How can I lower the cost of order?

Print on white shirts: White t-shirts are the most popular for orders, so supply and demand dictates that stocking them is less expensive for us, and therefore, also for the customer. Additionally, most cotton garments start out essentially white, so dying them any other color makes them more expensive. Increase order size: The more shirts of the same design that you order, the less expensive it is for us to produce them. Since each color and each printing location means a new set up; dividing this cost among many shirts rather than just one or a few means savings per unit for you.

What form of payments do you accept?

Personal checks, credit/debit cards, paypal, cash and money orders Returned check fee: $40.00 (NSF Charges)


What format will I receive my design?

We can provide you with pretty much any format that you will ever need. Some of the most popular and useful are jpg, pdf, gif, psd, etc.

What resolution should I use when uploading my design for printing?

If you’re using a JPEG file (aka, a standard photo-type file) to upload your art, these are the important factors to keep in mind: The higher quality image, you upload the better the finished design will look. Generally a 300dpi image that is saved to the size you are wanting it printed is the best. If we have to increase the size of a small design to fit the parameters of your design request, the image quality will likely decrease noticeably. For example, submitting a 300dpi image that is saved at 2”, but ordering a shirt design that sets that same 300dpi image at 12” would likely result in a blurry, pixilated graphic. It would be most effective to submit to WhoopTee an image that’s the actual size of the finished design to be screen printed onto your apparel.

What is the "maximum print area" for my design?

For Adult shirts our standard sizes are as follows: Full Front: 12” wide; Max - 13.5” x 17” Full Back: 12” wide; Max – 13.5” x 17” Left or Right Breast: 4” Upper Back Neck: 4” For Youth shirts our standard sizes are as follows: Full Front: 9” Full Back: 9” Left or Right Breast: 3” Upper Back Neck: 3”

Event Design

What is Event Design?

Event design is the process of creating the perfect atmosphere for your event. It includes choosing the right décor, with elements like centerpieces, tables, chairs, and linens. Great event design helps your event stand out and leaves a lasting impression with everyone who attends.

Why should I hire an event designer?

Hiring an event designer is the best way to make sure that the various elements of your event work together to create a unified theme. After all, you wouldn’t want plastic tables at your fancy dinner anymore than you would want nice glassware at your Wild West barbecue.

What is the difference between event design and event planning?

Will you commit to my even budget and not push me in the direction of things I simply can't afford or don't want?

We understand that each client has a different amount they are comfortable spending on their event and we are committed to working within the financial boundaries you set. We base our referrals, ideas, and suggestions based on your budget and the desired outcome of your event.

Can we meet you before we hire you?

Yes! This is a big decision (for both of us) and we want to make sure that you are as excited to work with us as we are with you! We can skype, have a phone chat, meet for coffee (or champagne) and get to know each other. Weddings are one of our favorite conversation topics and we can’t wait to hear all about yours!